Effective Date: January 1, 2020

Why read this?

Mortgage is a complex and intangible product that most people only navigate a few times throughout the course of their lives, making it difficult for homeowners to understand which option is best when it comes to refinancing. Best Refinance Rates demystifies the evaluation process by providing a personalized recommendation based on industry expert feedback.

Who we are

Best Refinance Rates was started by two home insurance marketing experts who concluded that most homeowners have no idea what makes one lending company better than another. Homeowners needed a resource to help shed light on the mortgage refinancing process, and so they started Best Refinance Rates.

Evaluation Methodology

Best Refinance Rates has a two-pronged approach for determining which refinance lending company is best for each homeowner that uses our site. The first is a strong focus on figuring out which lenders match which homeowners, and why. While not all homeowners are alike, they often fall into groups that make one lender a better fit for them than another. Some homeowners may be interested in loan types that only certain lenders can offer. Likewise, some lenders are open to working with borrowers with low credit scores, while other lenders might not be. These differences in preferences and homeowner types are extremely important when matching homeowners to lenders that can really offer them the refinance they’re looking for.

The second unique approach of Best Refinance Rates is to inform our understanding and recommendations with lending agent feedback. Some other sites and resources exclusively utilize consumer feedback, which is undeniably important. However, consumers are often not well-informed when it comes to the refinancing process, and they may be misleading to other consumers as a result. While customer feedback is invaluable, input from professionals can fill in important information gaps that could otherwise lead to poor refinance experiences.

To bring you the most accurate picture of refinancing possible, Best Refinance Rates leans heavily on information provided by seasoned professionals in the mortgage field. These are the people who spend each day providing homeowners just like you refinance opportunities to match their needs. Their insights, coupled with our own in-depth research into the current refinance market and the lenders we feature, allow us to offer you this site as a helpful resource in your search for the perfect refinance.


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