The Best Mortgage Refinance Companies Rated for 2022

Ratings on the nation's leading refinance companies.

We scored the top lenders by fees, loan varitey, application process, customer service, reputation, and by type of borrower.

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Editor’s Best Rated Overall

Top Choice

New American Funding was started with the goal of making it possible for every American to finance the life they want. Through their affordable rates, customizable loans, and quality service, they make refinancing accessible to everyone.

Best Rated by Category

Lowest Fees and Closing Costs

Beeline's costs are lower than average when it comes to refinancing, in part due to their business model cutting down on operating costs as a whole. For those with a fairly good credit score that are interested in saving money, this is one company to consider.

Best for Loan Variety

Loans Offered Include: Fixed, ARM, rate-and-term, cash-out, FHA, VA
When it comes to variety, loanDepot has a great roster. They offer the standard loans that most homeowners are interested in, making this company a good choice as far as flexibility goes. Additionally, they have a "no-steering policy" which keeps their loan officers from being incentivized to steer customers towards any particular loan programs -- meaning they will only match homeowners with loans that suit their needs.

Easiest Application Process

New American Funding's application is quick and easy to fill out, taking only a few minutes and requiring less personal information than some other companies. They operate in 48 states, allow online applications, and do not require a social security number for customers to see potential prices and loan options.

Best for Customer Service

AAG places a major emphasis on customer service. As their main customer base is homeowners who are 62 and older, they only hire agents with significant experience working with this age group. Their website is easy to navigate and informative, and they have a phone line for customers to speak to licensed professionals at any time.

Most Reputable

AAG has one of the best reputations among its competitors. Unsurprisingly, given their focus on customer service, their customer base is happy with the patience and straightforwardness that AAG loan officers exemplify. They go the extra mile by hiring officers with significant experience working with older adults, and this seems to make a big difference in how the company is reviewed by customers.

Best Rated by Borrower Type

Best for Higher Credit Scores

When it comes to homeowners with higher credit scores, New American Funding is one of the premier lenders we've researched. While rates change regularly, you can expect low costs and customizable loan options when you choose them.

Best for Lower Credit Scores

Minimum Credit Score: 580-600
While the requirements depend on the loan, loanDepot has loans available for homeowners with a score of 580 and up, which is more forgiving than some other companies.

Our Reviews Methodology:

The Best Refinance Rates team assigns ratings to the companies we feature in the following categories: fees, loan variety, customer service, company reputation, ease of application, suitability for lower credit scores, and suitability for higher credit scores. With decades of experience and hours of in-depth research to back us up, our ratings accurately reflect the strengths and weaknesses of each company. With these ratings, we hope to provide clear and helpful information on the factors that truly matter when it comes to picking a refinancing company.

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