The Refinance Companies with the Widest
Variety of Loan Offerings in

The refinance companies that offer the widest variety of loan types and terms.
We look at everything from fixed-rate terms, with 15, 20, or 30-year terms, to adjustable-rate terms and non-conventional loans, such as FHA, USDA, and VA, and more. We rated the nation's leading lenders and brokers to determine which ones offer the most loan options.
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Best Refinance Rates makes the process of finding a refinance lender more streamlined and efficient. To enable us to provide our content, we do sometimes collect revenue from our clients for consumers who visit their site from our site. We do not make any compensation for a consumer merely viewing our content. Although we sometimes adjust the ordering of which companies are profiled based on compensation, we make a point of reviewing each company independent of any compensation that may or may not be received to ensure we preserve the value that consumers enjoy from visiting our site.

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Ratings Methodology for Loan Variety

The team at Best Refinance Rates has spent hours researching the types of loans each of the top lenders offer in order to figure out which companies have the most variety. To make sure we only include the best companies in the industry, we consider how many loan types are offered, how popular and potentially useful each loan is, and how customizable loans are with each company. While loan variety may not be a meaningful factor for homeowners that have a clear idea of what type of loan they want for their refinance, comparing multiple loan options from one company can lead to greater savings or easier achievement of financial goals for many homeowners. Based on our research, we’ve created the ratings and reviews you see here as convenient guides to the companies with the biggest variety of loans.

Ratings Recap for Loan Variety

New American Funding
Quicken Loans
Rocket Mortgage
Caliber Home Loans
CapCenter Mortgage
Freedom Mortgage
Guaranteed Rate
Mission Home Loans
Mutual of Omaha
Zillow Home Loan
American Advisors Group
Rate Rabbit
Best Refi Rates
Direct Mortgage Quotes
FHA Rate Guide
Mortgage Rates Pro
Online Mortgage Loans
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