Overall Score 4.5 out of 5

Overall Score 4.5 out of 5

Personalized Score out of 5


Beeline's goal is to make refinancing accessible to all homeowners. By keeping the whole process online, and removing much of the usual difficult jargon and lengthy turnarounds, their services represent a new wave in lending.

Review Highlights:

  • Some of the lowest rates on the market
  • Applications are done entirely online and only take about 15 minutes
  • Homeowners maintain just one point of contact within the Beeline company, which helps keep their refinance organized

Ratings Highlights

For homeowners just looking for a conventional or basic streamlined refinance, Beeline is a great choice to consider. They have low rates and a quick application that saves customers a lot of time.
Loan Variety
Loans Offered Include: Fixed, ARM, conventional, FHA
Though not the most extensive compared to other lenders, Beeline's loan offerings cover the basics and are relevant to most homeowners looking to refinance. Potential customers should have a basic idea of the type of loan they want before applying.
Beeline's costs are lower than average when it comes to refinancing, in part due to their business model cutting down on operating costs as a whole. For those with a fairly good credit score that are interested in saving money, this is one company to consider.
Customer Service
When it comes to customer service, Beeline aims to keep things simple and comfortable by assigning each homeowner one point of contact within the company when possible. Though their application is online, they have both a phone number and a chat available for anyone in need of extra help.
Company Reputation
As a newer company than most of their competitors, Beeline doesn't have as many reviews online, but the ones they do have are fairly positive. Many customers cite their personalized customer support and their simple website as making the refinance process quick and simple.
Ease of Application Process
Having a simple and stress-free application process is one of the ways that Beeline shines. It can be done entirely online and only takes about 15 minutes to complete. As a new company, they currently only operate in 11 states, but this number is increasing rapidly. For homeowners looking for a refinance option that can be done largely online, this is a great company to look into.
For Lower Credit Scores
Minimum Credit Score: 620
Beeline's credit score requirements are slightly higher than those of some other lenders, but aren't terribly strict by any means. Still, if your credit score is lower than 620, there are other lenders that may be able to better serve you.
For Higher Credit Scores
As far as pricing goes, Beeline is one of the best options around for homeowners with high credit scores. The only issue we can foresee some homeowners coming across is the lack of variety when it comes to loan types, though that is likely to improve as the company ages.

Company Background

Founded in 2019, Beeline is a relative newcomer to the mortgage field that is already making an impact. They use machine learning and a commitment to simplifying the refinance process to bring homeowners a quick and painless path towards financial freedom.