Cashout Equity

Overall Score 3.9 out of 5

Overall Score 3.9 out of 5

Personalized Score out of 5


Cashout Equity is a comparison website that offers homeowners an easy way to compare multiple cashout refinance options in one place.

Review Highlights:

  • Compare Cashout Refinance Options
  • Access funds for home improvements, debt payments, and more

Ratings Highlights

If you are specifically interested in cash out refinance options, this website might work for you. For any other type of refinance, though, you'll need to look elsewhere.
Loan Variety
Loans Offered Include:
Varies by lender
Cashout Equity focuses specifically on cash out refinance lenders.
Fees associated with your loan will depend on the lender you end up choosing.
Customer Service
Cashout Equity has a fairly simple website with no clear phone number to reach out to. However, most of your customer service experiences will likely occur with the lender you end up taking out a loan through.
Company Reputation
This company does not have many reviews publicly available. Overall, they offer a relatively simple comparison service, and they do not actually service loans themselves.
Ease of Application Process
Your application experience will depend on your lender of choice.
For Lower Credit Scores
If you have a lower credit score, Cashout Equity might be an easy way to quickly search for potential lenders who would be willing to lend to you despite your credit score.
For Higher Credit Scores
Homeowners with a higher credit score will overall have an easier time finding a lender. If you are interested in a cashout refi in particular, and you'd like a quick way to narrow the pool of potential lenders down, this site might be worth trying.

Company Background

Cashout Equity is a cash out refinance comparison website owned by LeadPoint, Inc.