Overall Score 4.5 out of 5

Overall Score 4.5 out of 5

Personalized Score out of 5


Credible is a refinance loan service that allows homeowners to see offers from multiple lenders at once. Once a homeowner chooses a loan through them, they can complete the entire refinance process on the Credible site, with easy access to personal assistance available at any time. Their comparison system and quality customer service cut down on research time and add clarity to an otherwise complicated process.

Review Highlights:

  • Listings from multiple lenders make comparing and finding the best option easier
  • Keeps the entire refinance process, from start to finish, on their platform
  • Highly rated for customer service

Ratings Highlights

Credible is a solid option that gives homeowners the opportunity to easily compare refinance loans. Anyone interested in low fees, multiple lender options, and helpful guidance throughout the refinance process will appreciate what this company does.
Loan Variety
Loans Offered Include: Varies by lender
As they allow you to compare several lenders at once, the types of loans Credible offers depends on their partner lenders. Customers should check the website to see exactly what options there are.
As a broker, Credible's fees will vary by lender. On their website, they do list example costs and APRs so customers can get an idea of what to expect. With multiple lenders and loans suggested to each customer, lower cost options are generally easy to find using this service.
Customer Service
Credible has a lot to give when it comes to customer service, including 24/7 phone and chat assistance options. Additionally, once a customer chooses a loan/lender through Credible, they will handle all documentation right on their site. Many customers cite this assistance as making refinancing much easier than expected.
Company Reputation
Credible customer response is largely positive, and you can expect quality, personalized service with them. Customers appreciate the ability to start and complete the refinance process within just weeks, thanks to Credible's help.
Ease of Application Process
While the information required for your final refinance application will depend on the lending company and not on Credible, their comparison system is easy to use and does not require too much personal information to get started. They operate in 42 states, allow online applications, and do not require a social security number or a hard credit check for prequalification, which is great for privacy.
For Lower Credit Scores
Minimum Credit Score: Varies, typically 620
As Credible is a broker, credit score requirements will vary by lender. Based on our research, most of their options require a score of 620+, which is fairly accessible. Homeowners with a lower score are better off working with a different company.
For Higher Credit Scores
By suggesting several lenders at once, Credible can be helpful for homeowners with a high credit score who are looking for an easy way to find the best pricing and loan options available. While the results will vary by lender, consider using Credible as a stepping stone towards affordable refinancing if you want a convenient way to compare prices.

Company Background was founded in San Francisco as a student loan refinancing resource in 2012. Since then, they've grown to include products related to mortgages, personal loans, credit cards and student loans.