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Overall Score
4.5 out of 5
3.3 out of 5
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4.3 out of 5


Rather than the traditional refinance loan offered by other companies, Unlock offers its customers an HEA, or Home Equity Agreement. This allows homeowners to borrow continuously (up to a certain amount) at any point within a ten year period. Instead of paying monthly payments or racking up interest for this, the homeowner will simply owe Unlock a portion of their profit when they eventually sell their home.


  • Unlock has a 4.7 on Trustpilot
  • No monthly payments or interest
  • Funding available within 30-60 days of application approval
  • Traditional home equity loan alternative
If the usual refinance or home equity loan options aren't working for your needs, Unlock might be one option to look into. With lower credit score requirements and no monthly payments, Unlock's HEAs are a flexible option for homeowners looking to borrow quickly.

Unlock Ratings

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Editor Ratings

Loan Variety
Loans Offered Include: Home Equity Agreement (HEA)
Unlock does not offer a traditional refinance. Instead, they offer what they call an HEA, which is essentially an agreement with the homeowners regarding the profits when they eventually sell their home. Rather than paying monthly payments or worrying about interest, homeowners will simply give Unlock a percentage of their earnings when they sell their home down the line.
Instead of charging closing costs, Unlock takes a share of the profit when you eventually sell your home. They will also charge a 4.4 percent origination fee at that time.
Customer Service
Customers are happy with Unlock's service. In particular, the ease of qualifying for their product is a huge win for many homeowners.
Company Reputation
Unlock's customer reviews are stellar, with the company receiving a 4.7 on Trustpilot. Customers are impressed by the level of service and by how quickly the process can be completed.
Ease of Application Process
Unlock is known for being relatively relaxed when it comes to interested homeowners qualifying for their service. Once you fill out the paperwork and are accepted, you can expect to receive your money within 30 to 60 business days.
For Lower Credit Scores
Minimum Credit Score: 500
Unlock has one of the lowest credit score requirements when compared to the competition. However, their loan style is different from other refinance lenders, so you'll need to make sure this works for your financial needs.
For Higher Credit Scores
If you want to borrow money relatively quickly and to avoid monthly payments, Unlock is one option to be aware of, regardless of your credit score. Keep in mind that this loan style may not work for everyone's needs, however.

Additional Ratings

Trustpilot Rating
  • With hundreds of customer reviews, Unlock scores a 4.7 on Trustpilot
  • The company is praised for its speedy loan process and fantastic customer service
Loan Volume Rating
Not rated
  • Unlock is not currently rated for loan volume

Company Background

Now available in 14 states, Unlock is an alternative to the more traditional refinance or home equity lenders. They offer homeowners quick access to their home's equity without actually taking out a loan -- instead, Unlock simply takes a percentage of the profit when the home in question is eventually sold.